What is Life Writers?

Here is the short answer: We write life stories.

You can call us scribes for the everyday person. We believe in the power of real-life stories, because each and every living human being has a unique story: their own. We believe that everyone’s story deserves to be written, preserved and shared with the people who matter most, their friends, their family and the generations to come.

Although many are eager to tell their life story, not everyone has the time or ability to write it themselves. At Life Writers, we work with individuals to create professional memoirs (a person’s life story told from their perspective) and handle your book’s creation from start to finish.

For information about our process, please visit our “How It Works” page.

Who we are:

Johnny Wilson
Co-Founder, Interviewer, Life Story Writer
Johnny has a Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from UC Santa Barbara with an emphasis on screenwriting. After college he experienced the world firsthand through years of traveling (mostly throughout Europe and Central America) while journaling hundreds of pages documenting his adventures. His love for writing also takes form in the music realm as a singer-songwriter for numerous musical groups throughout the years. When Johnny is not tending to his dream business, he will most likely be on his mountain bike, on the golf course, on the lake fishing, watching the ballgame with friends, coaching little league soccer, strumming his acoustic guitar, or camping with his wife and two kids.

Halie Wilson
Co-Founder, Copyeditor, Book Designer
Halie has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Mills College and is completing a certification program in copyediting at UC San Diego Extension. She studied linguistics at UC Santa Cruz. She also has a background in journalism and over 20 years of experience in publishing, both as an editor, graphic designer, photographer and printing operations manager. When she’s not helping people write their life stories and creating beloved books, she’s adventuring with her family, reading with her kids or reading The Sun Magazine, watching design competitions, creating unique crochet pieces, gardening, doing photography, sitting in the forest studying native plants and lichen, drawing or painting, making jewelry, camping, kayaking, and/or mountain biking.

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